Cattle Guards For LESS

Steel Cattle Guards Are Just Too Expensive!

Cattle Guard Forms Give Better Performance
At Significantly Lower Cost!

Shop And Compare – Our HS-20 Cattle guards are 50% & 75% Less!

US Patent No.:  US 9,707,697 B1

James Hoenstine, creator of Cattle Guard Forms

Invented by a cattle farmer for cattle farmers.
James Hoenstine, has a relatively small herd as cattle operations go, but he’s solved a big headache for anyone who’s gotten sticker shock pricing out traditional steel cattle guards. When James got tired of opening and closing gates all day he discovered two things: steel cattle guards are expensive, AND they are heavy. That means you get eaten up paying for the extras. Shipping expenses are huge, and when those heavy steel guards are delivered, the farmer is responsible for getting them off the truck too! Plus, many steel cattle guards need concrete foundations, which is an added expense.

James was looking at almost $14,000 to buy traditional cattle guards for just four openings on his farm. He thought, “There has got to be a better way.” While thinking it over, James had a flash of Divine Inspiration. The answer came to him: “Concrete!” And Cattle Guard Forms are the result of several years of research, engineering and refinement.

*NEW* for 2016 is the first affordable Reusable cattle guard form! Simply use it over and over again! By far the lowest price HS-20 cattle guard in the world!


These Forms are Re-usable Rated at HS-20 ( 32,000 lbs per Axle ) Simply place your ½ inch rebar and pour concrete . Let cure then remove cured concrete cattle guard from form. Re use the form over and over again for all your opening areas. Place them together like building blocks at your openings. You can build these in the convenience of your barn if you like ! Easy to handle and ship weighs less than 80lbs! Not only Does the concrete cattle guard Provide an effective livestock deterrent, it also is safer for all hoofed animals . The openings start out at 5” at the top and narrow down to 2” at the bottom . This combined with the fact that there is a bottom unlike a steel guard, prevents an animal from sliding through and exposing its leg to breakage during a struggle to get out. They literally can’t slide a leg through the guard.

Finally There are no other Cattle Guards on the market that can come close to our price!  “Cow Stop” is an extremely economical cattle guard for all of your fence crossings. When you buy one of our forms you can make concrete cattle guards for all your openings .

Then there is our Texan Stay in the Ground form!

This is a Cattle Guard Form that is a cast-in-place rigid, polyethylene form with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer rebar pre-installed. The form simply cures with the concrete so all you have to do is place the form, fill it with concrete, and you’re done. Once cured the finished cattle guard meets the HS-20 standard. That means your cattle guard complies with rigid standards used in building highway bridges, and are rated for 32,000 pounds per axle.

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