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Are Todays Cattle Guards

OverPriced Dinosaurs?

(Discover a new, patent pending alternative that can save you over 50% on an HS-20 rated cattle guard...

If you're looking for an affordable, heavy-duty cattle guard without having to spend thousands of your hard earned money, then this may be the most important letter you've ever read.

If you're like me, you've found out the hard way that traditional gates (including automated solar power gates) are simply high maintenance and unreliable... I know because it wasn't long ago I realized I was wasting way too much time opening and closing gates. So I began researching cattle guards for sale online. I had several gate openings that needed cattle guards that had to be able to support anything from a 120HP John Deere to a fully loaded cattle trailor.

My research came to this:
"95% of cattle guards for sale on the market
were just too expensive to buy and then ship to my farm.

Holy Cow!  The average 16x6' steel cattle guard (with no P.E. certified rating) was $3,100 (not to mention another $450+ for shipping)! I had a total of four 16' gate openings and when I added it all up...the cost just wasn't worth it. The problem was that with my 100 acres (home to roughly 50 cattle), I sincerely understood and appreciated the value of a cattle guard. But I'll be darned if I was going to spend in excess of $13,000 for 4 steel cattle guards!

I knew there had to be a more cost efficient solution. But, my research turned up precious little..  I tried  alternatives on my own:  wood, highway guard rails, and other embarrassing items that failed miserably.   It wasn't until I sought out  wisdom from you might say a Higher Source that I got the vision of a concrete, cast-in-place FORM.   The genius was that along with being economical - a form could prouduce an impressive super-duty cattle guard.  

With that inspiration I set out to patent and engineer the first ever concrete cattle guard FORM with pre-installed rebar engineered to an HS-20 load rating.  I wanted a rigid form that one could simply pour in concrete, let cure, and your done!

My fellow cattle farmers were accustomed to the traditional non-rated, steel cattle guard (that are expensive!).  They recognized the need for a more affordable yet, heavy-duty cattle guard.

Well, after 15 months of research, design, (and stamped approval from a couple sharp structural engineers) my partners and I have unveiled the worlds first concrete cattle guard FORM.

"The great news is that for the first time in cattle guard history you can now buy an HS-20 rated cattle guard -  affordably.

One or more forms will fit any 8', 12' 16, 18' or 24' gate opening. Not to mention the fact you'll save a minimum $1,000 (for a 16x6') compared to most the retailers out there now.

Unlike most steel and concrete cattle guards we have engineered and certified our forms by a licensed P.E. The end result is an HS-20 cattle guard that exceeds the demanding requirements set forth by the DOT, USFS, NP, BLM, as well as the US Military.

The bottom line is Cattle Guard Forms now enables you to you get a life time cattle guard at about half the price. My goal is to serve you with the best darn cattle guard for your hard earned money. We 100% guarantee every form we deliver to meet our cattle guard specifications.

On behalf of me and the team we hope our product and support will serve you well.

James Hoenstine

James Hoenstine
Co-Founder and President

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