/ Why do you offer a Form versus a steel cattle guard?

Our engineered concrete forms give you a huge advantage. You get more for less.

With our Cow Stop or Texan forms you can pour your own HS-20 concrete cattle guard for way less than what it would cost in steel.

Concrete cattle guards are superior in strength and longevity compared to steel. Our “cast-in-place” Texan concrete form will give you a cattle guard that delivers better protection against horizontal or vertical impacts and most importantly weather and water.

Steel cattle guards have traditionally sold more often because they’re cheaper to make and lighter (and less expensive) to ship compared to concrete.

Having said that, steel cattle guards are still heavy (Many times heavier than our form). So heavy that you’ll have to have a forklift to offload. Our Texan concrete form (pre-installed with high-tensile strength light-weight GFRP rebar) weighs only 140 pounds.

Our Cow Stop reusable cattle guard form weighs only 78 pounds.

When either form is filled with 4000 PSI concrete, the resulting cattle guard is fully rated for HS-20 loads (18-wheelers) and are superior to steel cattle guards for durability, and safety for your herd.