Frequently Asked Questions / Why do you only offer an 8×6′ FORM?

There’s no need! Wings mounted on the sides of our form can compensate for larger gate openings. If you have a 10 to 12′ gate opening an 8′ wide cattle guard WITH WINGS ADJUSTED ON BOTH SIDES can accommodate your needs. Ever wonder why some cattle guards stop at 14′ widths? Especially, when a 16′ gate opening is one of the most popular gate widths? The main reason is that side-wings will adjust to make up the difference and keep cows from slipping around the sides. Set two 8×6′ cattle guards side by side to cover a 16′ to 20′ opening as well.

Our reusable cattle guard forms are for the farmer who wants to save even more money and take his time and pour at the convenience of his barn using bagged concrete and eliminating calling big ready mix concrete trucks. He also needs them to be moveable