/ Will cows try to cross concrete cattle guards?

Q: I am interested in your product. I am wondering if the cattle try to cross the guard? We have 2 of the traditional guards on our property and as the dirt and weeds grow the cows want to cross the guard. From what I understand, cows won’t cross if they can’t see the ground and the footing is unstable on the guard. I believe your product has the unstable footing feel but what about the fact that they can see the bottom?
A: All cows will eventually try and cross all cattle guards if they fill up with dirt.The key is to elevate them as much as you can so that rainwater will be detoured around the cattle guard rather than sending water and debris inside.

Cows need a firm place to walk and the gaps make it uncomfortable for them to cross so if they try they will simply become uncomfortable and back away from the cattle guard. Our product is pit-less therefore if a cow attempts to cross, he will not break his leg.

It does not matter if a cow sees dirt or concrete, they simply are concerned with the gaps because the size of the gap interrupts their feeling of stability.