/ Will these work as horse or deer guards?

While Cattle Guard Forms were not designed specifically with other animals in mind, we can say that we have the safest Cattle guards on the market because of our “Hoof Stop” technology. The gaps between our cattle guard beams are 5″ at the top, then narrow at the ground to 2″ which helps to keep animal’s hoof from getting caught or trapped. Other cattle guards allow the whole leg to go through and this could damage a horse or cow’s leg. Horses are especially prone to broken legs when caught up in a cattle guard with a pit.

We do know that some horse owners use our Texan cattle guards as a deterrent. Most deer or horse guards work by placing two – 8′ x 6′ cattle guards across an 8′ opening giving you a 12′ x 8′ span front to back. Just keep in mind that horses and deer are accomplished jumpers, so a third Texan might be necessary if you have an especially good long jumper on your team!

With our Cow Stop reusable cattle guard forms, you can make as many as you like to make a guard as wide or as long as you need.