NOTE: The Texan form is the original “place it in the ground” form.
It is meant for a one-time use. If you’re interested in a reusble 

Cattle Guard Form you can use multiple times, check out the Cow Stop form.


The Texan is the original place it in the ground, pour it, and you’re done cattle guard. We call it the Cadillac of forms because  the form itself becomes part of the cattle guard.

Made of tough, rigid LLDPE Polyethylene, when filled with 1 1/3 cubic yards of 4,000 psi concrete, the Texan creates the most attractive concrete cattle guards ever! Not only that, but because the Texan only weighs 140 pounds, you don’t need a tractor that has hydraulic lifting capabilitiy. Just put the form in the ground, pour it, and you’re done.

The result is that  you get a durable, effective cattle guard that is engineered to meet HS-20 standards. This means you can run fully loaded 18-wheelers because each Texan meets the same standards used by the US government for building  interstates, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure.

The Texan comes with Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) rebar pre-installed because its tensile strength is twice that of steel rebar, and it is rust and corrosion proof. All you have to do is place it and pour it. Each Texan is a full 8 ft. x 6 ft. Two units side by side will cover a gate opening up to 20 ft. wide with side wings.

~~ HS-20 rating (32,000 lbs. per axle)
~~ Pre-installed 5/8″ GFRP rebar: 2x tensile strength compared to steel
~~ FORM Dimensions: 7’8″ wide x 6’4″ long x 12″ deep
~~ NO additional concrete footing or foundation required!
~~ Weighs only 140 lbs. Easy to offload and install
~~ Can be placed above or in ground: 6″ deep pit
~~ Safe 4.5″ cattle gaps Beam design prevents animals hooves from being trapped
~~ Fits 8 to 12′ wide gate openings with the use of side-wings.

Additional information

Weight 149 lbs
Dimensions 90 x 70 x 11 in

Save big when it comes to installing cattle guards. Our form enables you to place the guard on the ground and fill with concrete to create a durable HS-20 rated cattle guard. Set it and forget it!