Engineer certified 8×6′ cattle guard FORM. Includes pre-installed 5/8″ rebar. Can fit 8 to 12′ gate openings by using a pair of side wings.

* This form is for one-time use only. If you’re interested in a reusble¬†
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Finally, an engineer rated heavy duty cattle guard that’s economical. P.E. Certified and able to handle the demanding load requirements set forth by the DOT, USFS, NP, BLM, as well as the U.S. Military.

~~ HS-20 rating (32,000 lbs. per axle)
~~ Pre-installed 5/8″ GFRP rebar: 2x tensile strength compared to steel
~~ FORM Dimensions: 7’8″ wide x 6’4″ long x 12″ deep
~~ NO additional concrete footing or foundation required!
~~ Weighs only 140 lbs. Easy to offload and install
~~ Can be placed above or in ground: 6″ deep pit
~~ Safe 4.5″ cattle gaps Beam design prevents animals hooves from being trapped
~~ How it Works: see whiteboard cattle guard video on home page
~~ Fits 8 to 12′ wide gate openings with the use of side-wings.
~~ Two forms can be placed side-by-side for a 16 to 20′ gate
~~ Deer or Horse guards? Get 2 forms to make a 12′ x 8′ cow or horse deterrent.
~~ Will not deter dogs, goats, or other smaller animals
~~ Save over 50% compared to any other HS-20 rated cattle guard
~~ Requires 1 1/2 cubic yards of concrete
~~ Affordable shipping to all U.S. states
~~ 30-Day money back guarantee on all cattle guards – Just return
product back to us for a full refund, shipping and handling not included.

Additional information

Weight 149 lbs
Dimensions 90 x 70 x 11 in

Save big when it comes to installing cattle guards. Our form enables you to place the guard on the ground and fill with concrete to create a durable HS-20 rated cattle guard. Set it and forget it!